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About the Organizers:

APG Network is “The Network for Airline Services”, present in 175 countries through its 108 offices. APG Network is by far the world leader in scheduled airline distribution and has introduced 215 airlines into at least one of the world’s 87 BSPs through one of its flagship products. The total incremental revenue generated to our airline clients is 2.3 billiard euro per year.


APG Bulgaria is the exclusive representative of APG Network in Bulgaria since 2001. APG Bulgaria represents 16 foreign offline airlines in BSP Bulgaria. APG Bulgaria is an organizer of many events related to the air and tourism industry in Bulgaria – presentations and workshops of its airline clients, special events such as Day of Heli Air Monaco, Presentation of Destination South Korea, and etc.

Ognian Blagoev – President and Owner of APG Bulgaria. He has more than 25 years professional experience in aviation industry. Ognian gas worked in various positions in the Commercial Department of Balkan Airlines and used be a commercial representative in Kuwait and Qatar. Since 2001 Ognian is Executive Director of APG Bulgaria, exclusive member for Bulgaria of APG Network. APG Bulgaria represents 16 foreign airlines in BSP Bulgaria.

Verginia Lazarova, PhD – Managing Director of APG Bulgaria. In 2014 Verginia in parallel graduated her Master degrees in Financial Management and International Tourism. In May 2017 she finished her PhD in Economics and Management (Tourism) with dissertation “Role of Global Airline for the Tourism Industry”. Verginia is part of APG Bulgaria’s team for the last 11 years and took various jobs – sales and marketing activities, event management, and etc. In 2018, Verginia was honoured to be the Managing Director of the company.

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